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organic production & sales

Our company which started to produce fruit nursery in the province of Hatay, Fidanlı, is producing and selling all kinds of citrus fruits, olives, dates, almonds and pomegranate seedlings certified to the different climate requirements, high yielding dwarf, semi-dwarf and classic rootstocks. It is.
We use past experience and developing technology to provide the best product to fruit producers. However, by acting in a way that will increase our variety of seedlings, we are better able to help the fruit growers to find the most suitable seedlings for their climate. We send you fruit makers both by choosing the best from the rootstocks we imported from abroad and from the rootstocks of our own production.
A lot of fruit, which is the motherland of domestic producers in Turkey as seedlings and saplings in the overseas market, we aim to have a high share.

Feel the Products

Organic Production

Our seedlings are plants that do not contain completely unnatural chemical substances.

Perfect Seed

Our seeds are our own production and there is no additive material.

Intelligent Planning

If you are a perfectionist, Alyus Fidan will do the job with your own data.

Modern Workmanship

Our employees are experts in their field and they do their work diligently.