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Almond Sapling from Antakya

Almond Nursery Breeding
Badem is a kind of food that almost everyone in the world knows and likes. But it is a very difficult plant species in terms of growing and maintaining. Therefore, it has to be cultivated in certain places and in places with water. Almonds from the branches of many fruits such as cherries, plums and peaches can be used in all kinds of places. It has a very rich structure in terms of variety of almond cultivation which can be used with and without shells. Thanks to the cultivation of almonds, the use of many areas is increasing considerably. Turkey is also offered for sale with a lot of varieties of food in general and is found in almost everyone's house.
Types of Almond Nursery
Almost all over the country and abroad, almond seedlings grown in the wetland in general can vary in their variety. In order to grow almond seedlings, it is very important to produce the soil first. In areas with excessive rainfall, fruit will be damaged in terms of flower.
Ferragnes Almond Nursery: generally raised in and around France.
Texas Almond Nursery: grown in and around America.
Nonpareil Almond Nursery: grown in and around certain parts of the United States.
There are many sites and places you can buy to grow ultra, medium and many different almond varieties.
Cured Almond Saplings
Badamin first emerged in China, Asia and the Middle East as the places where it started to be used. Almond seedlings, which can also be found as grafted or unvaccinated, are offered as seeds or according to the size of the seedlings. If you are going to get a garden, you should definitely find a place that suits your position and structure. If you want to buy almond seedlings in your garden or sera, you should always ask where you will buy it. You should do your planting without knowing how and how to grow it. You can also get results in this short time.
Almond Nursery Prices
In general, almond prices are priced according to everyone's budget and how much they will be bought. In general, prices of almond nursery vary according to many agenda. According to the product variety, there are many variations according to the most suitable and most expensive. If you are going to buy almond seedlings you should definitely follow the market and remember that you will find a price according to it.
It blooms earlier than its shells and even many fruit trees. Fresh berries that grow and berry when they are free from spring frosts are more susceptible to frost than flowers. We can see the badmeni in the hot climate and in the dry conditions in summer. Almonds do not grow in places where summers are cool and damp.
Badmint has some advantages that it gives to producers according to other fruit species breeding. The following factors will contribute positively to the spread of almond cultivation:
It can grow in stony, pebbly, soil conditions that other fruit species can not grow.
Early fruit lies.
In the period when there is no fruit in the bazaar, the pajama comes out as an avalanche.
Long life.
It grows everywhere except for extremely cold and humid regions.
The market value of fruit is higher than many other fruits.
It can grow in places where there is no limestone and water possibility.
It can be preferred in afforestation studies.
When the garden is established with late flowering varieties in its proper ecology, it increases the income of the producer.
Some good almond varieties are:
The growth of the tree should be strong.
Trees should bloom in abundance.
Flowering should be in line with the climatic conditions of the region.
It should be fertilized with other varieties.
It should be abundant and profitable.
The fruit must mature at the same time.
It can be harvested easily but it should not be easily poured by wind effect.
The green shell must be easy to grasp.
The rate of twin almonds should be low.
Internal yield and quality of the inner almond should be high.
The resistance to various diseases and pests should be good.
Badem Nursery Season Requests
Climate desires:
Almond is a warm temperate climate plant. Almond summers can be produced economically in areas that are long, hot and relatively cold in the winters. Winter colds should not be cold enough to cause damage to plants (-25 ° C). Eyes are damaged at -18 ° C. The requirement for cooling is 300-500 hours at + 7.2 ° C.
Because the badmint has previously bloomed from many temperate fruit varieties, spring frosts are much more important than winter colds. For this reason, products can not be purchased continuously in places where spring frosts are constantly visible. -4.6,5 ° C during pink bud period; at the onset of flowering at -3 ° C to -4 ° C and in the early period at -1 to -0.5 ° C. In order to mature the almond fruits, high temperature is needed. It can cope with the arid conditions, but the efficiency drops when the precipitation falls below 300 mm. Rainfall during flowering adversely affects pollination.
Soil desires:
The almond filtrate yields better yields in deep alluvial soils. In such places, the roots may go up to 3-3.5 meters. However, most of the water and nutrients can be supplied from the area of ​​1,2 - 2 meters. It is possible to grow in pumice, moderate clay, calcareous, stony and pebble places where it is a kind of fruit which is based on constellation. So the almond is convincing in terms of soil desires. Resistance to calcareous soils is good at last. The most dangerous soil for almonds is heavy clay and moist soil. In this type of soil, there is a chance that the problem can be removed when plum is used as a rootstock.
Seed production is essential. The fruits obtained at the end of harvest are collected, washed and dried. After being kept in dry and cold environment, it is folded. Almond seeds are allowed to fold between 1 ° C and 5 ° C for 40-50 days. After the folding process, the seeds of the almond planted are germinated in suitable conditions and then grains are obtained and the grafts are made on them. Factors such as moisture, temperature during grafting are important.


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