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In Antakya in the Autumn, Maybe It's Time to Plant Sapling!

We will explain that planting in the autumn may be as normal as planting in the spring. Moreover, there are some obvious advantages of planting in the fall.
The point is essentially based on the basics of botany; ie the roots. The roots are the nutrients of a plant, the water, and the life cycle that eventually grows. In order for trees and plants to make the most of this life cycle, their roots must be firmly planted in the soil; this is very important, especially when the trees are young. Why? Because newly planted and young plants tend to succumb to unexpected weather conditions such as colds, early freezing, strong winds, very hot air and drought. The most powerful defenses are that the root systems are firmly attached to the soil.
Coastal Mediterranean, Coastal Aegean, Coastal Marmara are suitable for autumn planting from temperate regions where winter months are not too cold.
Advantages of Sapling Dikmen in Autumn
1. Less Stress
Autumn weather is ideal for planting new plants and trees before frosts and hard frosts arrive. There is less of a "transfer shit" to be experienced when putting it in a plant or gardener's garden in the fall. In this period, the Earth is farther away from the sun and the temperature is lower. This means that the risk of loss of water by transfusion (sweating) is less. Periodic rains and snow help to maintain water and settle on the soil around the roots. Even when the air cools, the earth continues to protect the sun's temperature. The roots continue to grow, eventually continuing to the ground frost and then become established.
2. Focus on Dormancy
Another reason to benefit from planting in the autumn season is dormancy. You've heard this word before, but do you know what it means? And why is it important? Like the same bears, long-lived plants also grow in winter sleep when they need rest to strengthen their systems. This is dormancy! Long-lasting plants and trees are low in plant sap during sleep. They harden. They can not get more nutrients. The green colors become pale, the delicate leaves fall down. They rest and wait for cooler weather coming in the fall to enter the horoscope.
To put it simply; autumn is hot but not too hot; It is cold, but it is not too cold. This harmony provides the perfect opportunity to plant your plants and trees in an ideal climate. Benefit from planting in the fall, let your tree roots cling to the boring soil, and then when your warm breeze and bird chirping heralds spring, you can enjoy your ever-growing garden or your green spaces.
Planting seedlings in the autumn gives the trees a fairly wide time for their roots to settle well into the soil without entering the period of rapid growth of the seedlings in the spring. So trees grow well.
Factors Affecting Sapling Planting in Autumn
1. Sun
Most trees need the full sun to provide the largest and most hydroponic crop. "Full sun" means to take direct sunlight for at least 6 hours during the day. Think about the trees. Do your trees have bigger trees to keep them from getting sunshine around? Buildings? Is the area mostly sunny in the morning or in the evening?
2. Soil
You have learned the weaknesses and strengths of your earth until now. Do you have a heavy, clayey soil? These days can be a good time for fertilization. How about nutrients? You can use a soil gauge to measure the pH level of your soil. In most areas there are people / institutions that can provide you with an inexpensive soil test. Depending on the test results, you can determine whether the pH balance of soil nutrients or soil is beneficial for your planting.
3. Environment
You may want to set up an apple garden, but sometimes unexpected surprises prevent the growth of your trees. The mains water is like a pipeline. Most public service providers inform you about buried parts in detail, free of charge. You should also consider such criteria.
4. Location
When you plant in the autumn or other times, it is important that you keep in mind that your fruit tree will expand over time and grow longer. The same is true for roots, with most roots growing more and more towards the edge of the leaf. If your tree does not have enough space to spread, pavements, sculptures and walls can become troublesome. It is important to predetermine obstacles in the area of ​​planting in autumn or other periods.
Planting seedlings in the fall can be daunting. But it is exciting to add a new life to nature in these days, as winter approaches and nature slowly recovers itself. When spring arrives, the first small leaves that open will provide you with the courage necessary to ensure that everything you do is right.

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