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Gürsel Tanrıver, Chairman of the Board of Sub-Union of Saplings (FÜAB), said that in our country, rapid developments in the fruit and nursery sector showed itself with the increase in the number and quality of seedlings produced and the increase in fruit exports. President Tanrıver made a written statement, "The export potential of our country's fruit and sapling is increasing; Our seedling production, which was 3.5 million in 2002, rose to 21.2 million in 2008 and to 63.8 million in 2014.
When we look at export figures of TURKSTAT seedlings, a rapid increase in exports is observed; We are in a position to export seedlings to many countries, especially EU countries and Turkic republics. " said.
The God who assesses what they do; "As a result of FÜAB and Ministry cooperation; With the seedling certification and marketing regulations issued under the Seed Law No. 5553, our productions have been brought to the standards equivalent to the production of the European Union; With the seedling certification system studies initiated by our Ministry in 2007, certified seedlings have now been passed on to some kind of certified saplings which have been controlled by analyzing the name and the harmful organisms in our country in the laboratory environment. However, if the main problems of the Sapling Industry are solved below, it will accelerate progress.
Sapling production is getting harder
The slow progress in the certification system prevents the desired increase in certified seedling production.
Due to the inadequate breeding of the variety, the dependence of the varieties demanded by producers abroad is high.
Sona ermemesi of illegal sapling sales leads to difficulties in the activities of authorized producers engaged in registered production.
Due to the lack of isolated areas suitable for breeding and the lack of sanitation in this area, healthy seedlings become difficult to produce.
In addition, while Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is a promising development of certified saplings production support in 2016, 90% of producers produce only standard grades; it is necessary to support the whole of the sector. Considering that only 5% of the production is certified seedlings, 8% of certified fruit cultivated fruit species, and 63% of the producers are small and micro scale; the standard result is that the production of standard seedlings should be given in some way.
FÜAB President Gürsel Tanrıver stated that the use of modern techniques in seedling production is increasing. "The fruitful contribution of sapling producers to the sector in terms of fruits of our country is observed as a result of the enthusiasm of the manufacturer in applying the innovations and the investing of the laboratories in order to implement the tissue culture methods. In this way, the importance of modern seedling production techniques and the importance of accuracy and healthy seedling production have been evaluated even better. As FÜAB, for the development in the nursery sector;
Our demands are sent to the Ministry on behalf of the sector;
Necessary initiatives are being made to the Ministry and Ziraat Bank in order to make legislative arrangements related to seedling production support;
It is determined that the Board of Directors is responsible and all members are contacted. Workshops and projects are being carried out in order to make progress in the sector. "
Goddess continued as follows: "As a result of the FÜAB initiative, in 2016 the Ministry of Agriculture began to produce certified seedlings. Our Subcommittee has undertaken necessary initiatives with the Report prepared for the studies and results of production support and its results; As a result of this, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock has started production of certified seedlings in 2016, exceeding 1 TL and 0.5 TL.
As a result of FÜAB initiatives passports and certifications are combined.
As a result of the studies made as FÜAB; In 2015, as a result of questioning the membership of the Sub-Union in the acceptance of declarations in Provincial Directorates, all producers have been brought to equal conditions and the rights of our members have been preserved; In the year 2016, the efforts to combine passport and certification procedures in the TBS system established by the Ministry have been accelerated.
As a result of FÜAB initiatives, improvements were made in legislation.
The necessity of employing an agricultural engineer has been removed from the producers' mandates and it has been possible to employ agricultural technicians and technicians instead.
Tissue cultivation and seed production certificate applications can be made to the Provincial Directorate since 2015, so the authorization procedures can be carried out locally.
The time limit between imports and exports, which is 1 year in imports for export purposes, has been increased to 2 years, and the time for issuing the manufacturer's seedlings has been increased.
In order to increase domestic tissue culture production, import quantity limit for production was aimed in tissue culture medium; thus produced in our country and certified by the Ministry of

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